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I'm Elizabeth White, a photographer and artist in the Kansas City area. While most of the things about the creative process is behind the scenes, here you will find a variety of posts from my photography journey and everyday adventures.

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Preparing for your fine art portrait session is key to creating the best portraits. You can use these helpful tips or discover more information in my blog posts below.

  1. Choose Your Outfit Carefully: Your clothing choice plays a big role in your portrait's overall look and feel. Wear an outfit that reflects your personal style and is comfortable, but avoid busy patterns or logos and opt for solid colors or classic fashions.

  2. Get Your Hair and Makeup Done: Consider getting your hair and makeup professionally done for your portrait session. This will ensure you look your best and can help you feel more confident during the shoot.

  3. Relax and Be Yourself: The key to a successful portrait session is to relax and be yourself. You will be guided through the process to help you feel comfortable in front of the camera to show your personality.

  4. Bring Props and Accessories: Small details can add a personal touch to your portrait. Consider bringing items that represent your interests or hobbies, such as a musical instrument or sports equipment.

  5. Trust Your Portrait Artist: Photographers know how to capture the best angles and lighting. Have trust in the process and guidance to create stunning timeless portraits.

The Creative Potential of Artistic Portraits

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